Divesting – Premium Services

When divesting of your property, getting more eyes on your property may help you drive up your sales price. Is your Realtor® taking the necessary steps and investing in a marketing strategy for you? We offer these Premium Services:

We track:  APTO CRM – We track and account for all activity from advisor regarding your listing. You receive 2 Activity Reports monthly. We track:

  • Contacts with Brokers, Property Owners,  Investors & Potential Buyers  -
  • Emails & Follow-Ups   -
  • Showings  -
  • Proposals & Mailers

PropertyBlast™ Email blast to over 90,000 brokers nationwide

Specific mail and email campaign to local neighboring commercial property owners

Create custom web page devoted to the Property with secure vault for sensitive documents

Create email of four-color announcements to local database, including developers, investors, REITS and builders

Send mail postcards to:

  • Local commercial property owners in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and Lake Worty
  • Real Estate Brokers in Palm Beach County

Investor Forums

Create custom four-color printed brochure

Create custom full-color PDF brochure available to email and download

Create a press release announcing the marketing of the Property

Create short 2-minute marketing video showcasing property & the City of Delray Beach including adding imaginative ideas for “Best Uses” for property

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