Retail Property Delray Beach FL

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Retail Property Delray Beach FL

Are you buying, selling or leasing a retail property in Delray Beach FL?  

When buying, knowing the right people and where the off-market deals are is important for buyers. If you are selling, insure your broker prepares a property website for your asset, brochures, full offering package, mailers and an email campaign.

Finding property on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach can take some time and values have sky-rocketed, however, there are pieces available and some are off-market retail properties as well.

If you are a buyer of Retail Property Delray Beach FL

We typically meet with our clients for coffee to discuss their needs unless they are remotely located. In that case, we can manage your needs over the telephone and via email.

Firstly we send you lists of properties that are available in your price range. Some may be listed, others may be off-market. For off-market properties, we require an NDA to be authorized.

Secondly, we discuss opportunities and set up showings to review the space or building. When we find the right fit, that is when we do comps and begin negotiations.

If you are a seller of Retail Property Delray Beach FL

Choosing a relative or friend is not always the best way to go when divesting of your commercial real estate.

There is digital marketing, so you will need a property website. Others will ask for a full offering memorandum and sale brochure which many Realtors or advisors don't even prepare.

What about mailers to property owners and other brokers? Make sure your broker will work for their commission. Are they going to do email blasts to local brokers and investors? Ask them to show you how they do this.

Barry Frette is a director at the Palm Beach County Realtors Association Commercial Division. 



 Barry Frette Director at Realtor Commercial Alliance Palm Beach