Eight Ways the Pandemic Changed Commercial Real Estate

People dine in social-distancing bubble tents at the Cafe Du Soleil restaurant on the Upper West Side as New York City imposes restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Who would have ever thought in just one year we had this much change in our world? The commercial real estate industry has taken some major changes in direction.

Here are the 8 major shifts:

1. Amazon Expands Mammoth Footprint Even Further With New Leases, Acquisitions

2. Landlords and Tenants Spar Over Who Should Pay, And How Much

3. Trophy Skyscrapers Sell At a Discount

4. Biotech Growth Fuels Shift to Life Science Development

5. Companies Pause Development, Expansion Plans

6. Nation's Most Expensive Housing Markets See Renter Exodus

7. Global Tourism Shutdown Strangles Hotel Industry

8. Telework Accelerates As Employers, Led by the Tech Giants, Shift Workforces Out of the Office

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