Business Rent Tax Elimination is Good for Florida

A study about Business Rent Tax Elimination conducted by the Regional Economic Consulting Group indicates that abolishing Florida's Business Rent Tax (BRT), commonly known as the sales tax on commercial leases, could lead to significant economic benefits for the state. Commissioned by Florida Realtors®, the study suggests that an investment of $976.8 million to eliminate the tax could generate $4 billion in the first year and $19.7 billion over five years, fostering new business growth and creating over 58,000 new jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance. Florida Realtors® President Gia Arvin emphasizes that eliminating the BRT could stimulate substantial economic growth and community development statewide. Florida is currently the sole state imposing a sales tax on businesses renting commercial space, disproportionately affecting small businesses. Despite previous reductions in the BRT, its presence continues to pose a financial burden on lessees. Eliminating the tax could further facilitate business expansion, job creation, and economic prosperity.

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