Selling Retail Building Delray Beach FL

Are you Selling Retail Building Delray Beach FL?

When selling retail building Delray Beach FL, what questions should I ask my broker? Simply choosing a broker because they are your friend is not always the best choice. Make sure your broker will work for their commission and get you the best price. Here are important questions to ask your broker:

Digital Marketing

  1. What measures do you take to get the most exposure on my commercial property in order to generate the most offers?
  2. Furthermore, digital marketing can help gain exposure and give a prospect a better understanding of my offering. Do you develop a website for my property? Sample Property Website Link - Click Here
  3. Do you create professional printed and digital (pdf) Sales Brochures and a Offering Memorandum for prospects of my commercial property?
  4. Moreover, do you have a targeted email campaign to local property owners letting them know about my property?

Direct Mail

  1. Also, do you have a direct mail campaign targeting local brokers, property owners and investors? Regarding Selling retail building Delray Beach FL

Accountability & Tracking

  1. How do you account for your activity? Do you use a database or CRM (customer relationship management system) to track all offers and activity. Do you send me activity reports?
  2. In addition, where would you list my properties other than Loopnet, Costar and the MLS?

Method of Communication

  1. When communicating with you, do you prefer email, telephone, both? Do you always discuss offers with me?
  2. Likewise, will you keep me abreast of what is happening in the local market regarding commercial real estate sales in Delray Beach?


  1. What is your method of doing a "Press Release" for my property?
  2. Lastly, are their local newspapers or advertisements you will include my property in? Selling retail building Delray Beach FL

Selling Retail Building Delray Beach FL

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